Reoflex COLORMIX SYSTEM is designed to create high-quality paintwork.
Using the COLORMIX SYSTEM components, it is possible to obtain acrylic enamels of various color shades.

Color documentation catalogs for the program


They consist of acrylic enamels of various colors, including the colors of cars (Audi, Lada, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen) and trucks (GAZ, KAMAZ, MAZ), colors of the RAL catalog.

Also included are paints of system components. Draining by code ensures the most accurate match of the colors on the fan and the paint itself.

Oswald Circle
color map with coordinates
Advantages: ​
  • high hiding power
  • short drying time
  • high gloss
  • system compactness
  • manufacturability of materials
  • competitive price
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
Management system for manufacturers of serial and spare parts for the automotive industry ISO / TS 16949