HS GraviPro RX N-09
HS GraviPro is specially developed to build the tough flexible coating that protects
from aggressive environmental impacts such as gasoline, oil or moisture exposure,
stone chipping etc. HS GraviPro may be applied with wet-on-wet technique. Due to
anti-sagging property HS GraviPro could be applied in very thick layers. The surface
appearance could be adjusted by the configuration of application.

EU/2004/42 Cat II B(e) VOC 550 g/l, VOC limit 840 g/l
Color: gray, black
Pack: 1 l
HS GraviPro Spray RX N-09
HS Gravipro Spray is used to build tough and flexible coating to protect the surface that exposed to aggressive environmental impacts. It could be overpainted with most coatings.

EU/2004/42 Cat II B(e) VOC 610 g/l, VOC limit 840 g/l
Color: gray, black
Nominal volume: 520 ml

Brush Sealant RX P-10
Brush Sealant is developed for sealing of metal joints and metal welded joints. It has excellent anticorrosion and soundproofing properties. Brush sealant is easy to apply and it forms a flexible coating. It simulates the factory seam. Brush Sealant is resistant to oil, water, gasoline and other aggressive environmental impacts. Do not dilute!

EU/2004/42 Cat II B(e) VOC 460 g/l, VOC limit 840 g/l
Color: gray
Pack: 0,8 kg

Repair Resin RX N-04
Repair resin is a special product that is used with fiberglass cloth to enhance weakened by corrosion metal parts, elimination of the cross-cutting damages and for modelling of fiberglass products.

EU/2004/42 Cat II B(b) VOC 120 g/l, VOC limit 250 g/l
Pack: 1 kg

Repair Box RX N-07
Repair Box is a kit specially developed for strengthening of the repaired part and elimination of the cross-cutting damages. Also it could be used for modelling of the fiberglass products.

Kit contains:
Repair resin RX N-04, 0.25 kg
Hardener RX H-42, 15 g
Glass fiber RX N-05, 0.25 m
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
Management system for manufacturers of serial and spare parts for the automotive industry ISO / TS 16949