Super Wave tack cloth Reoflex RX N-18
- size 80 * 90 cm
- high stickiness
- antistatic effect
- does not contain wax / silicone

Reusable paintshop coverall Reoflex RX N-20
- has a wide size grid (M, L, XL, XXL)
- made of 100% polyester without the use of silicone
- comfortable adjustment on the hood
- external back pocket for storing things
Flexible spreader Reoflex RX N-19/3
The set includes 3 flexible spatulas made of high-strength plastic. Convenient and easy to use

Aluminium paint stick RX N-17/2141/35
The ruler has two measuring scales - 2: 1/4: 1. Designed for long-term use due to aluminum alloy graduation from abrasion-resistant enamel.

Dry Coat RX N-03
Dry coat is used as the sanding guide. Dry coat is thinners-free
and easy to apply, does not stick to sandpaper.
It is suitable for dry and wet sanding.

Color: black Pack: 50 g
Glass Fiber Mat RX N-05
Glass Fiber Mat is intended to use as enhancing material for
repair of plastic parts, strengthening of the corroded metal,
modelling of fiberglass products.

Density: 150 g/m2; 300 g/m2
Masking Film RX N-08
Masking Film is intended to protect non-painted parts of the car body during the paint work. It can be widely used in protection of the surfaces from dust, dirt, paint, water and
solvents not only in refinishing. Masking Film is an easy to use product with static properties and it is made of high-density
polyethylene with the thickness of 7 microns.

Size: 4 х 5 m; 4 х 7 m

Masking Film RX N-08/4150/10
Masking Film is intended to protect non-painted parts of the car body during the paint work. It is widely used for various household purposes. The film protects surfaces from dust, dirt, paint, does not allow water and solvents to pass through. Easy to use. Possesses static properties. Made of high pressure polyethylene.

Thickness 10 microns.
Size: 4x150 m.
Test Cards RX N-01
Test Cards are intended for the test-sprayings. Test Cards are resistant to the thinners.

50 shits 100x70 mm

 Foam masking tape RX N-16
The roller is made of high-quality material, provides:
- fast masking of car doorways
- clean the interior of the car after painting
- easy to remove and leaves no traces
- withstands heating up to 80 degrees of heat
- 50 meters of high-quality material
- diameter 13 mm

Nylon mesh filter RX N-13
Cell size 190 microns
- for filtering all types of paint coatings
- provides excellent passability of materials
- detains all foreign particles
- number of packages in a box-1000 pieces

Nitrile gloves L/XL (100 pieces) Reoflex black
RX N-12
- ideal for paintwork
- optimal quantity: 100 pieces / pack
- popular / running sizes:
* L
* XL
- durability and reliability
- protection from aggressive chemicals
- natural base does not cause allergies
- anti-slip texture material
- convenience and comfort in work
Mixing Cups & Lids RX N-14/15
- optimal types of volume:
*2300 ml
*1400 ml
* 700 ml
* 400 ml
- high quality plastic
- precise mixing of any paint materials
- number of packages in a box-200 pieces
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
Management system for manufacturers of serial and spare parts for the automotive industry ISO / TS 16949